Types of Rodent Snap Traps

Rodents are the common problem of every household, and everyone finds the easiest and effective ways to get rid of them. Some people love keeping rodents as pets, but this requires extra care when it comes to keeping them as pets because the infants of these animals have to be well taken care of. 

Apart from this, there are numerous diseases which are associated with rodent presence in the house such as bubonic plague, leptospirosis and other deadly diseases which can claim human lives as well. Therefore, it is highly important when it comes to rodent removal. Also, the waste and other droppings of these animals can cause multiple problems. If you have kids at your house, then rat bites have been known to cause deaths as well if not treated well and in time. 

These rodents only seek refuge in the house to start their breeding process. They choose the most regular and calm spot in the house to lay their eggs and start breeding. The most common places in the house where they hide are either your attic or chimneys. They feed on the food source which can be your garbage can, and it can be the stored food in your storeroom. They are usually omnivorous and can eat almost anything available easily to them. 

Kind of traps

There are multiple kinds of traps that you can use to trap rodents hiding in your house. 

1. Snap Trap

These are mechanical traps which are usually made of wood with a metal snap that activates when rodent presses the food bait and trap snaps the animal. These traps are in use for many years because they are very effective and help in trapping the animal efficiently leaving no room for escaping of the animal. In most of the cases, rodent goes for the bait, i.e. food is the bait and rodents are always seeking food in the house, and they always seek the easiest way to get food, so they usually avoid obstacles on the way to food and are trapped by the trap.

2. Electric Trap

Electronic snap traps are the new technique which is made for trapping mice and rats. These are traps that electrocute trapped animal. The electric shock kills the rodent immediately. Place a food bait as with all other snap traps and turn the trap on. When a rodent tries to take the food, the trap quickly electrocutes it.

3. Glue Trap

The trap is essentially a piece of material with a layer of glue on top. Bait is placed in the middle of the glue so that when rodent comes to eat, it gets trapped. When the mouse steps onto the trap it becomes stuck, and one can catch it to release it somewhere far away. 

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